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Power Connectors Plugs and Receptacles

Since 1919, our power connectors have stood up under extreme conditions where ordinary types have failed. Our design is simple and robust and although these units are higher in original cost, their longer service life, ease of repair and low maintenance costs soon justify the difference.

Simplicity of construction and interchangeability of parts permit low cost maintenance. The various elements of the plug or receptacle are held in position by screwing together the metal housing sections.

With this in mind and the impact of today's economy hindering businesses from making new purchases, Delta Star Connector Company is offering a Re-Work Program for all Plugs and Receptacles.

Here is how this program works:

1.      Send us the Plug (s) or Receptacle (s) that requires unit to be repaired.

Delta Star Connector Company

200 Seegers Ave.

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

( For Quantities of 10 or more pick-up and delivery is available free of charge)

2.       Upon receiving the unit , Delta Star Connector Company will:

a.       Examine the unit to determine what parts will be needed to make repairs.

b.      Provide a cost to repair quote and a bill of material to the customer for approval. Along with the quote, we will also provide a comparison of the new unit cost versus the cost of repair *.

* The fee for the initial assessment and cost of labor to repair is $ 100.00 per unit + the cost of the replacement parts, which will be highlighted in the Bill of materials provided to you in Item 2.b

We hope that you find this program helpful and in most cases will help reduce the cost of buying a new unit versus re-working the old unit.

Below are some before and after photos of reconditioned product:


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Power Connectors - Rework Program

Easy to startSince 1919, our power connectors have stood up under extreme conditions where ordinary types have failed.


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